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Brief about The Free Builder

The Free Builder is the ultimate destination for anyone who wants to represent his work, thought, and ideas on a digital platform. A great idea will only flourish with the right guidance, and The Free Builder is that ultimate guide. Build a strong and attractive website with this user-friendly website builder. It has everything from designer templates, to impressive logos, to strong SEO tools that will cater to your every need. The digital world of today requires you to spread your work via online mode. This is an effective way to expand your reach, and The Free Builder is one of the best ways to do that. Anyone from an amateur to an experienced person can use the tools of The Free Builder conveniently. Our website contains all the plans from basic to premium. You can choose the one that fits best to your requirement and get going with your website.

Get Your Website In Simple Steps

Our Services

The Free Builder offers you a range of professional tools and services that you can utilize to create your website. These tools will not just help to build your website but will increase your visitors too.

Smartphone friendly

Almost 50% of web browsing takes place on smartphones. Creating a mobile-friendly website will improve your ranking factor. We create your site, keeping in mind the mobile-first approach. 

Increase your visibility

The Free Builder increases your visibility in different search engines. Your website must be well-optimized for search engine optimization. People must find your website on the top of their search results.

Website Security

Your website needs to be secure if it requires people to fill in their personal information. Their information may fall into the wrong hands. The Free Builder gives complete security to your website. 

Swift Page Loading

People visiting any website do not like to wait for the page load. They expect quick loading. Even a second’s delay can make them leave the site. With The Free Builder, you can create websites with minimum loading time.

Optimal User Experience

It is essential that visitors don’t have to struggle to find the information on your website. They expect quick service, especially while browsing through a mobile device. The Free Builder makes sure the page loads quickly.



A website builder is a boon for people who possess little or no technical skills. All you have to do is use the drag and drop options in a user-friendly interface. A person with even an average skill can type, upload images, or change the alignment easily


You can modify your website from any device. You don’t require your device to edit your website as web files are hosted on the server of the service provider. Simply log into your account, make some changes, and save or publish your site. You require a browser and internet connection, and you are good to go.


The first thing that attracts visitors to any website is the design. If you have no idea from where to pick the best design for your website, simply choose the professionally-designed templates from The Free Builder and start with your website. Later you can customize the template according to your requirements.


The Free Builder comes with a library of tools and applications that you can entirely rely on. Some are free, and some are paid according to your package, but each of them will add functionality to your site.

Our Additional Service

The Free Builder always believes in providing extra support to our customers. Apart from providing designing tools and templates, we provide technical help too. Our main priority is to increase your visibility in the search engine and improve the ranking of your website.


Organize your work into separate categories so that every content from images to videos to texts is easily accessible to you.


Keep a record of your upcoming events or posts by maintaining a blog. People will learn more about your website.

Customer Service

Our team of experts is always on hand to resolve your queries. Simply give them a call or send a mail. They will get back to you as early as possible.

Social Media Links

Almost everyone is on social media sites these days. It will be a beneficial option if you link your website to your social media accounts.

When I thought about creating a website to boost my catering business, I didn’t know that it would be so easy to create a website. My initial thought was that some professionals do the work, and I was ready to pay too. But then I came across The Free Builder, a website builder site that offers a range of tools and various plans for everyone. I started creating a website on my own without any professional help. It came as a surprise to me as I don’t have any background in coding or designing. The Free Builder is a perfect option for beginners. Their basic plan has all the amenities a newbie would require...

William Brown

Hard work is not enough in today’s competitive world. We have to put extra and smart efforts to succeed in life, and The Free Builder is one smart move that can push you one step closer to success. I used to post my travel videos online. Despite working hard, I wasn’t getting enough views. When I started conveying my work through blogs and my website, my views increased tremendously. And I didn’t hire any professional to create my website. It was relatively easy to navigate through the tools and templates of The Free Builder. I designed the website according to my content, and it turned out to be beautiful and attractive.

James Williams

As daunting as it may sound, creating a website on your own is a piece of cake only if you are using the right platform. The Free Builder is one such platform that has all the right tools and templates to create your website. The best part is that it offers a basic plan free of cost. So if you are a beginner, The Free Builder is an excellent option for you. It is quite a comprehensible and easy-to-use site. All you have to do is choose the templates, colors, and fonts and add your creativity. Once you get the grip of the basic plan, you can upgrade to the premium package.

Sophia Brown